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Strategic Prayer Points for United Kingdom

 Scriptures: Joel 2: 12-13, John 15: 26, Ezekiel 14:6, Joel 3:11, Joel 3:14, Jer. 49:14, Colossians 4: 3, Matt. 24:14,Isaiah 61:11, Hab. 2:14, Isaiah 43:9, Gal. 3 :8, 2 King 22:5, Isaiah 49 :6, Rom 8:1, Jer.29:7 2 Chronicle 7:14.

Prayer Points:

1) Father, be glorified in the nation of Great Britain. Thank You for the spiritual and physical impact You are taking this nation through.
2) Father, thank You for the royal family, prime minister and the entire leaders of this nation for Your fresh wisdom and counsel to direct this nation in the right path.
3) We take divine and absolute authority over all evil secret and open plans to Islamize Great Britain. We frustrate such plans and replace them with the divine counsel of God in Jesus’ name.
4) Father, the power of Pharaoh failed over the Israelites; the strength of Goliath was destroyed by a divine stone from the string of David; Oh Lord, arise and destroy all evil motives of Islam over Britain in the name of Jesus.
5) We decree today against all Islamic agenda, ideas, plans and purposes.We command the fire of the Holy Ghost to utterly destroy the perpetuators and executors of such plans in Jesus’ mighty name.
6) Father, as the deer pants after water, please cause the heart of the leaders of Great Britain to do Your will and align to Your divine purpose for this nation.
7) This day, I command in the name of Jesus all functional and nonfunctional evil altars in operation or located in Britain to bow to the Holy altar of Jehovah in the mighty name of Jesus.
8) Our Father, arise and cleanse Britain from all evil practices and religions in operation over her at this present time in the name of Jesus.
9) O Lord, through the Greenwich Meantime, all other nations aligned their timing, Father cause Britain to take the lead again in the spread of the gospel. Let the time be now oh Lord; please do not let it tarry any longer in the name of Jesus.
10) I dedicate and claim all our cities for Jesus in Jesus’ name
11) I decree total paralysis on lawlessness, immorality and drug addiction in this country in the name of Jesus.
12) Every spirit of gambling, sexual immorality die by fire in Jesus name.
13) Let the power, love, and glory of God be established in our land in the name of Jesus.
14) Let there be a thirst and hunger for God in the hearts of the Christians of this nation and bind us together in unity of purpose in Jesus name.
15) Lord, let Britain return back to her first love of biblical principle and faith in the name of Jesus.
04 16) Lord, please give our leaders insight into how to manage the migrant crisis into Britain.
17) Father, please open their eyes to every plot to detonate bombs in our cities. Expose the evil plans of the wicked ones in Jesus name
18) Let every anti-Gospel spirit be frustrated and rendered impotent in the name of Jesus.
19) All powers of immorality wasting people away, we command you in the name of Jesus to be wasted and be destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus.
20) Thank You Father for the salvation of this land and may Your name be forever praised in this land in Jesus name.
21) I thank You for reviving our land again for Your glory

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