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Strategic Prayer Points for Serbia

 Scriptures: 1 Chro. 16:8; 2Thess. 1: 3; Ps 97:5; Ps 18:45; Heb 12:29; Isa 43:19; 1 Kings 18: 25-37; Luke 19:10.

Prayer Points:
1. Father, we thank You for Your unfailing love and grace over the nation.
2. Father, we thank You for the seed of the WORD that has been sown in the land, let it be fruitful in the hearts of all in Serbia in the name of Jesus.
3. Father, please let the hearts of the people in Serbia be drawn unto You.
4. Father, let every spiritual weakness in the land be extinguished by the fire of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.
5. Father, I decree in Jesus’ name that the gate of hell shall not prevail over the church. 6. O Lord, send Your revival to all the cities in Serbia and let the gospel of Jesus spread like fire in Jesus’ mighty name.
7. Father, expose every wolves in sheep clothing by fire in Jesus’ name.
8. Father, let no weapon of the enemy fashioned against the church in Serbia prosper in the name of Jesus.
9. In the name of Jesus, we decree after the order of Elijah that all false religious teachings shall be exposed and rendered powerless in Jesus’ name.
10. Father, empower Your church and let the people know that You are the LORD God that rules in the affairs of men in Jesus’ name.
11. Father, protect the nation and let it dwell in perfect peace in Jesus’ name.
12. We pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding for all the servants of God in Serbia, and that the Lord will daily renew their strength with fresh revelation knowledge in Jesus’ name.
13. Lord, send more labourers (Missionaries) to Serbia for this great harvest in the name of Jesus.
14. Father, please raise strong and courageous men that will hold fast to righteousness and strong moral values in Jesus’ name.
15. O Lord, let Your glory tabernacle in the nation and let unusual and uncommon miracles, deliverance and power begin to manifest in Serbia.
16. Father, please release upon Your church (RCCG) a new anointing for exploits in Serbia in Jesus’ name.
17. Our Father, arise and deliver the people from alcoholism and drug abuse in Jesus’ name.
18. Father, let the glory that attracts and draws men to the presence of God rest upon the nation of Serbia and other European nations in Jesus’ name.
19. In the name of Jesus, we bind the strong powers in operation in Serbia and we enthrone the Lordship of Jesus over the length and breadth of the nation in the name of Jesus.
20. Every power challenging the power of God in Serbia, be disgraced now in the name of Jesus.
21. Thank You Lord for answering our prayers over Serbia in Jesus’ name.

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