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Strategic Prayer Points for Portugal

 Scriptures: 2 Chronicles 7:14; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21; Psalm 127:1; Isaiah 9:2; 1 Tim. 2:4-8; Matthew 9:36-38; James. 5:16; Matt 18:18.

1) Father, I thank You for the nation of Portugal and the people that inhabit the nation.
2) O Lord, I thank You for the leaders of this nation, for Your godly counsel to lead and to direct the people in Jesus mighty name.
3) Our Father, arise and deliver Portugal from the spirit of drug abuse, alcoholism and sexual immorality
4) I bind every spirit of drug abuse and alcoholism in Jesus mighty name
5) Father, heal every one under the influence of alcoholism and drug abuse in Jesus mighty name. 6) O Lord, please deliver Portugal from every spirit of disunity among  Christians in the mighty name of Jesus.
7) Father, please bind all Christians together with the spirit of unity and oneness of purpose to preach the gospel across the entire nation in Jesus’ name.
8) You are the Lord that can make a way where there is no way; please provide gainful employment to those who lack jobs in Jesus mighty name.
9) In the name of Jesus, we take authority over all oppositions to the gospel in Portugal and we dethrone such powers in the name of Jesus.
10) O Lord, please unite Your Churches together across the nook and cranny of Portugal in the mighty name of Jesus. Let all our Pastors, Priest, Bishop and Deacons speak with one voice in Jesus’ name.
11) In the name of Jesus Christ, we bind every strong power in operation in Portugal and we enthrone the Lordship of Jesus Christ over the length and breadth of the nation in Jesus’ name.
12) We pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding for all missionaries that the Lord will give them fresh insight in preaching the gospel in Jesus mighty name.
13) Lord, send more labourers (missionaries) to Portugal for this great harvest.
14) Oh God, break the fear and numbness to preach the gospel in Portugal in the name of Jesus.
15) Holy Spirit, take over the affair of Portugal from this day and let Your presence be felt in both the physical and spiritual realm in Jesus’ name.
16) Father, let the power that backed David to defeat Goliath back up all our pastors and their teams and cause them to silence all physical and spiritual powers with Your fire, power, wisdom, grace, favour and mercy in the name of Jesus.
17) We decree that Portugal is for Jesus and Jesus alone.
18) Today, I cancel by the blood of Jesus; every curse placed upon this nation, I erase it in Jesus’ name.
19) Let every evil establishment and satanic tree in Portugal be uprooted in Jesus mighty name.
20) I command the stones of fire from God to fall upon every national satanic operation and activity in Jesus’ name.
21) By the blood of Jesus, let all sins, ungodliness, idolatry, and vices cease in Portugal in the name of Jesus.
21) I am grateful O Lord because Your presence will continue to abide with Portugal now and for evermore.

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