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Strategic Prayer Points for Gibraltar

Scriptures: John 13: 35; Rom 8:15; John 14: 27; 1 John 4:8 Isa 11:2; Col 1:8, Ps 119:80; Isaiah 61:11

1. Lord, we give You all glory for Gibraltar and her inhabitants
2. O Lord, we thank You for opening the door of the gospel to all in Gibraltar
3. Father, please let Your word continue to convince Muslims in Gibraltar to convert into Christianity in Jesus’ name.
4. Father, please save the unsaved souls and let Your word be gladly received by all in Gibraltar in Jesus’ mighty name.
5. Father, please rekindle the fire of the Holy Spirit for evangelism and spiritual outreach in Jesus’ name
6. Father, please unite all Christians in Gibraltar with one common purpose and vision in Jesus’ name.
7. Lord Jesus, increase the passion for soul winning in Gibraltar in Jesus name and let Your fire of revival spread across the nation in Jesus’ name
8. I declare in the name of Jesus that every spirit of gambling and smuggling is destroyed in Jesus’ mighty name.
9. Father, every on-line temptation to gambling, pornography and smuggling be paralyze in Jesus’mighty name.
10. I come against every spirit of the antiChrist working against this nation and I command them to be permanently frustrated in the mighty name of Jesus.
11. Let the desires, plans, devices, and expectations of the enemy of this land be completely frustrated in Jesus’ Name
12. O Lord, let the government be the kind that would obtain Your direction and leading in all decision making processes in Jesus’ name.
13. Father, please give the government of Gibraltar wisdom to manage the influx of migrants to this country
14. Father, please restore and prosper the economy of this nation and let it be one of the best in Europe in Jesus’ name.
15. Let the relationship with neighbouring countries be more cordial and to attract more foreign investors in Jesus’ name.
16. I silence every satanic prophet, priest and seers in operation in this country in Jesus mighty name
17. Let the blood of Jesus, cleanse the land of Gibraltar from every blood polluting spirit in the name of Jesus
18. I command the fire of God on all idols, sacrifices, rituals, shrines and local satanic thrones in this country be destroyed in Jesus’ mighty name
19. O Lord, Let righteousness reign in every part of this nation and let every Islamic agenda over this nation be destroyed in Jesus’ name.
20. O Lord, please expose every secret plan of the enemies to cause havoc or destruction in the nation of Gibraltar in Jesus’ name.
21. We give You praise for the open heavens over Gibraltar in the mighty name of Jesus.

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